FlashPoint Power Technology™
  • FlashPoint Power Technology™ is a new alternative to rechargeable batteries in mission critical mobile products. FlashPoint Power Technology™ integrates seamlessly with purely ultracapacitor energy storage systems to provide charging times in seconds and high performance output for hours. FlashPoint Power Technology™ has absolutely no memory effect and provides peak power output with little to no degradation even after years or tens of thousands of charges.
  • At the core of FlashPoint Power Technology™ is a meticulous accounting of energy into and out of the ultracapacitor. This is performed using advanced power electronics and control algorithms to maximize efficiency and instant recharge with little to no degradation of the ultracapacitor in even the most extreme conditions. Peak efficiency is essential for long lasting, high performance output.
  • Ultracapacitors require careful balancing to maintain cycle life and fast charging without degradation. FlashPoint Power Technology™ effectively manages all aspects of energy transfer to safely, quickly, and effectively power mission critical mobile devices.
  • FlashPoint Power Technology™ results in high performance with little to no waste year after year. Using FlashPoint Power Technology™ nothing will need to be replaced for up to 10 years. No more batteries ending up in landfills and leaching heavy metals.
FlashPoint Power Technology™ overcomes some of the limitations of utlracapacitors through innovative and efficient designs and energy management. IVUS Energy Innovations' engineers understand the theoretical background and design issues associated with ultracapacitor systems including balancing circuits, performance limits, and charge/discharge rates. Computer modeling is used extensively to validate and design system parameters. Additional ultracapacitor information here.
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